How would you paint the body of Europe?

Song of Damien Saez, « Mon Européenne », album Le Manifeste, released in 2017. You can listen to it here.

Mon Européenne_euroreporters

To celebrate, European institutions organise specific actions each year. Everyone can participate or not, follow the trend or not, create his or her own celebration of 9th May. This year, let’s pass stands, posters, debates by, get closer to the stage and listen. What do you listen to when you think about Europe? A hymn?  A hit? A folk song? A lullaby?

Damien Saez is a leftwing French singer who wrotes “My European”. You may like this song, if you also consider Europe beyond its borders and current institutions.
You will find the lyrics here.

Saez lets us ponder our vision of Europe. What Europe awakes in your mind? Perhaps not elitist institutions. Surely individual or collective souvenirs linked to its History (a conflict, an event, a policy, an accession or withdrawal…). Or on the contrary souvenirs like encounters, parties or pathways that are not obviously related to European institutions.

“My European is not Brussels

My European is not Geneva

She’s not the money, you walk or die

You know, for me, my European

She doesn’t really have borders

Her body is the entire planet

Whatever the bourgeoisie may think

You know, this is my European, to me”


!Hey! Question? Do you feel the need today to sing and dance for Europe?
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